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A podcast about the tabletop gaming hobby. We focus on special guests, reviewers, artists, and others that share the same passion for the hobby as we do.
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Jul 18, 2015

First I want to apologize for the lateness of the of this week's podcast. I know its only a day late, but I still hate being late for anything.

Second, I want to apologize for the reason its late. My mic apparently started crapping out part way through the episode and didn't realize it until post production. I spent a lot of time trying to bandage up this episode with my level one editing skills and I'm afraid it shows. The quality isn't up to its usual quality. (Not saying the regular quality of my editing is wonderfully great! =)) So hopefully the content makes up for the lackluster audio quality.

As soon as this is posted I'm hitting up Amazon to pick me up a new mic setup. Its been on my list, but wanted to upgrade my computer first to make editing a lot less painful.

So, on with the show notes!

We have a major announcement at the end of the podcast. We are teaming up with Artem Safarov for our first giveaway!! Here's the details:

I'm excited to announce my co-host Jason Washburn of Talon Strikes and I's first giveaway will be during the weekend of GenCant 2015! For those not in the know, GenCant is the Unofficial Unconventional Convention that coincides with Gen Con. This will be during the weekend of July 30th - August 2nd. BUT! Doesn't mean you can't start preparing for it now!
We are not alone in this endeavor. We've called on a couple of friends of the podcast to help us make this thing as big as possible. But, we will also need your help in doing so!
You see, we are in cahoots with, none other, than board game reviewer and designer Artem Safarov of Altema Games!
Art has a project on Altema's website called Board Game Habitat. I'll just let him explain it:
The purpose of this project is to have fun and find “natural habitats” for our favourite board games. It is meant as a collaborative project that many people can contribute to. The rules are simple – place a board game box in a setting that fits the theme of the board game and snap away! All quality images will be posted here with the credit given to the creator.
You can head to Board Game Habitat for examples and inspiration.
But that's not all who we're teaming up with for our first giveaway! The friendly folks at Cloud Cap Games of Portland, Oregon also are joining in on the action as they are the official sponsor of this giveaway.
James and Kirsten of Cloud Cap Games were nice enough to donate, not one, not two, but THREE Board Games as giveaway prizes!
They donated the frantic dice rolling game, Steam Park. Also, among the mix is the frantic, timed, cooperative game, Wok Star! published by Game Salute. And if that wasn't enough, our grand prize will be the hidden movement blockbuster game, Plaid Hat Games own SPECTER OPS!!
How do you get in on this amazing swag, you ask??!!
The Rules are simple!
1. Just follow the simple guideline for photo opportunity for Board Game Habitat:
Place a board game box in a setting that fits the theme of the board game and snap away!
Tweet the picture tagging @Ja_Hancock, @TalonStrikes, @CloudCapGames, and/or @ArtSafarov with the hashtags #BGHGiveaway #GenCant.
All submissions will be entered into the giveaway.
Winners will be hand selected by Artem, Wash, and I based on criteria:
Most original and best photos
Contest will run from July 30th- August 2nd
We will choose and post the Top 10 photos here by August 4th
People will be able to vote on them between August 5th and the 9th.
Top three pictures with the most votes will be announced on August 10th!
All quality submissions (not just the winners) will be posted on Altema's Board Game Habitat website with the credit given to the creator.

Be sure to tweet and share about this giveway to everyone and all your friends! If you have any questions you can tweet me (@Ja_Hancock) or Jason Washburn (@TalonStrikes) or Artem Safarov (@ArtSafarov) with your questions.

A fully loaded episode with Scott King this week. Here are some of the games we talked about:

Elysium, Colt Express Cthulhu Realms, Letter Tycoon, On The UndergroundCastles of Burgundy

Kickstarter Projects mentioned:

2016 Gaming Calendar ePawn Arena, Dale of Merchants, Hocus, King Down, Epic CardDark Dealings,Loop Inc., High Heavens

Links to Scott Kings work:

His homepage, Cupcakes Vs. Brownies, National Cthulhu Eats Spahgetti Day, and 2016 Gaming Calendar. Eye of Hastur Choose Your Own Adventure Book

Jul 3, 2015

We return this week with Michael Coe who is the owner of one of my favorite publishing companies, Gamelyn Games.

Hot off of Origins, we discuss what Origins is all about as a publisher, the debut of the Gamelyn Armor designed and built by our own Jason Washburn of Talon Strikes.

Of course we have our normal Kickstarter section, highlighting tabletop games and accessories that have piqued or interest.

Games mentioned are:

2016 Gaming Calendar, Carson City Big Box Edition, Loop Inc., Dark Dealings, Polyhedral Dice-The Warrior Set, Above & Below, andStegmaier Treasure Chests


We finish the podcast talking about the new expansion for Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Heroes Call on Kickstarter until July 13th.

Jun 19, 2015

We are back this week. This time famed board game designer Mike Selinker joins us to chat about the board game industry, his company Lone Shark Games, Apocrypha, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, and as always, much, much more.

This week's Kickstarter Games:

Wombat Rescue, Epic Card, Empires At Sea, Board Games That Tell Stories IINo Thank You, Evil!


Jun 5, 2015

Friends of the show, Chaz and Susan, return giving us insight to their lives, amazing Kickstarter projects, and their views of Pandemic: The Cure

For our tenth episode I wanted to try something different. I wanted to have previous guests return for a full review of a game. My guinea pigs were Chaz and Susan and the game we decided to butcher was Pandemic: The Cure.

Kickstarter Games Mentioned During The Podcast:

Journey Into The Darkness, Empires At Sea, Wombat Rescue, Salvation Road, Exoplanets, Daft Concepts, and Tolarian Community College

May 22, 2015

This episode Shawn sits down with us to talk about all things Australian, what he's been up to, future for his Smashing Plastic Youtube channel, possible answer for Australians high shipping prices.

We also have an uninvited guest join us . .  .

Games and gaming accesories talked about during our Kick The Box section:

Cauldron, Hostage Negotiator, High Heavens, Transylvania: Curse & Traitorss, Lanterns, Oddball Aeronauts II, Best Treehouse Ever, Harbour, Raiders of the North Sea, Campaign Coins, Posthuman, Steampunk Rally, Super MotherloadHoplomachus: Origins

Smashing Plastics Youtube Channel:

Blue Tongue Games:

If you use iTunes or Stitcher, be sure to rate us if you would please!

You can follow me, Jason Hancock on Twitter @Ja_Hancock

You can follow my co-host, Jason Washburn on Twitter @TalonStrikes

You can also follow Shawn on Twitter @SmashingPlastic

May 18, 2015

Another special podcast remote with some of the guys from the Tattered Board Podcast at Cloud Cap Games in Portland, Oregon.

This time we celebrate the pre release of Elysium from Space Cowboys and Asmodee. We all played at least two games of it and than shared our initial thoughts about it.

May 8, 2015

This week Artem Safarov stopped by the studio to chat about his new tile laying, set collecting, take that  board game, Cauldron.

We also talk about preparing for a Kickstarter campaign, the design process, gaming with our wives, and more.


Games mentioned during Kick The Box Segment:

Adventure Cases, Xenon Profiteer, Clockwork Armada, Millennium Blades, Evolution, Orcs Must Die, The Siblings Trouble, King's Abbey, oddball aeronauts 2, Foe Hunters, FallenHarbour

The link to Artem Safarov's Kickstarter campaign for Cauldron is here.

The link to Board Game Habitat can be found here.

If you use iTunes or Stitcher, be sure to rate us if you would please!

You can follow me, Jason Hancock on Twitter @Ja_Hancock

You can follow my co-host, Jason Washburn on Twitter @TalonStrikes

You can also follow Artem Safarov on Twitter @ArtSafarov

Apr 27, 2015

Another remote podcast, this time at Cloud Cap Games in Portland, Or. with TC and his podcast crew, Tattered Board along with one half of the owners of Cloud Cap Games, James Brady.

We started recording this about 12:30 AM after the release party for the new Imperial Settlers and Dominion Expansion and finiished up sometime after 2 AM.

A fun time had by all. Look forward to future collaborations!

2:15 – Upcoming Events at Cloud Cap Games

7:37 – Uninvited Guests….
9:47 – Upcoming Guests on the Docking Bay 94 podcast
15:24 – Recently Played Games
15:38 – Merchants and Marauders with Expansion
17.24 – More Xia….
21:55 – Isle of Trains
23:35 – The Great Heartland Hauling Co
29:03 – Akortiri
31:33 – Star Realms
35:29 – Imperial Settlers: Why Can’t We Be Friends Impressions
53:51 – Dominion Adventures Impressions
1:11:36 – DING DING DING
1:13:05 – Our Favorite Expansions

Apr 10, 2015

After a night of techncial difficulties; losing Paul for moment, losing Wash for most of the podcast, and even my self unusually dropping internet (didn't even realize it was me for a few moments), we were finally able to get the podcast recorded and done!

Paul Cosca is Brikenbak Games and has a new game on Kickstarter called Bill Shakespeare is Dead. He joins us for this very special episode to talk about his study of Tabletop Kickstarter Campaigns, his background in theater, and, of course, his game Bill Shakespeare is Dead, currently on Kickstarter as we speak.


Apr 3, 2015

This is part II of a two part series of my live Gamestorm Coverage 2015 with Jim and Eric of the Punching Cardboard Podcast.

This is actually the precursor to our Part I. This first section was more of an editing headache for Jim so we released the round table discussion with Michael Mindes and Mike Selinkter first.

Part II has a lot of different guests rotating the two guests chairs as we record. I had a blast collaborating with Jim and Eric on our first remote podcast and look forward to working with these guys on other projects in the future.

Here's the list of guests in order:


J. R. Ralls (Citizen George) & Robert LaCosse
Knob Creek
Rhiannon Louve
Michael Mindes (TMG Games) (First Appearance)
Dave Howell (Penny Gems)
Tim Eisner & Ryan Sisher (March of the Ants), Special Interviewer: Kate Reid
Michael Mindes (Second Appearance)

Mar 27, 2015

Suzanne, most well known for her Board Game Apps Review segment on The Dice Tower's BoardGame Breakfast and also contributes to their new biweekly segment BoardGame Blender, joins us tonight to talk about the creative process of her segments and the differences between the two programs.

We also discuss the origins of Gen Can't 2014, the magnitude of it's popularity, and plans for Gen Can't 2015 and how you can help.

The Kickstarter games that are discussed are:

Neon Sanctum, Birds of a Feather, Airborne Commander, Dragoon, Bottom Of The 9th, Trainmaker, Burgle Bros. Above And Below, Wizard Dodgeball, Lords of the Ice GardenValeria:Card Kingdoms

Mar 25, 2015

This is Part 1 of a two part remote podcast at our local gaming convention, Gamestorm. This podcast represents two firsts for me in my short career as a podcaster. This is not only my first remote podcast, but also first time given the opportunity to collaborate with another local podcast Punching Cardboard.

After a mis punch of a button and a false start, we get things rolling with a round table discussion with none other than Michael Mindes, the owner of Tasty Minstrel Games, and Mike Selinker, President of Lone Shark Games, and designer and developer of many board and RPG games over the years including Betrayal at House on the Hill and Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

The chatter in the background is from the designers reception that was going on at the same time. I hope everyone has as much fun listening to this as we did recording it.

Mar 13, 2015

This week's guest is none other than Gil Hova! He is known for his creative game design for Battle Merchants and his first, soon to be self published party game under the Formal Ferrets banner, on Kickstarter right now, Bad Medicine.


We cover a lot of ground this episode. Take a sneak peek at what drives Gil to creating games. We talk marketing, playtesting, integrating theme and mechanics and about his new publishing company and the direction he's headed with it.

Games talked about during our Kickstarter segment:

ThunderbirdI,SpyScovilleHarbourCaptains of IndustryMonarch, Between Two CitiesFar Space Foundry, Above And BelowProject Dreamscape, and more.

Feb 28, 2015

This week's episode runs a little longer than usual, but for very good reason! We not only have one, but two amazing guests join us this week! The lovely board game reviewer, the OneTar with her fiancee Steve Caires.

During the episode we talk about Gencon and Unpub; the differences, pros and cons of playtesting at the two conventions. The games we played during the weekend long convention, Unpub 5, and the creative process that Tiffany uses when she creates her unique board game review and board game convention coverage videos.

We also talk about various Kickstarter games that were or have been on Kickstarter:

FidelitasBad MedicineIncredible ExpeditionFloating Market

Feb 13, 2015

This week's episode features Chaz Marler of Pair of Dice Paradise. We discuss time it takes to create new content on a weekly basis, his videos on Board Game Breakfast, and games such as:

Spector OpsScotland Yard, Las VegasLas Vegas BoulevardUnspeakable Words Deluxe Edition, Heroes Wanted Expansion: Stuff of LegendTiny Epic GalaxiesExploding KittensTrickerion

and also runinng a Meetup and Board Game Mechanics and much, much more

Jan 22, 2015

A podcast about the tabletop gaming hobby. We focus on special guests, reviewers, artists, and others that share the same passion for the hobby as we do.


This week Tessa Van Boxtel stops by to talk about Board Game Hour on Twitter, her board game class she taught, plus we chat about games from Kickstarter including Eggs & Empire, The Negotiator, Xia, Fallen, Yardmaster Express, plus many others.

The current happenings with Talon Strikes and Unpub Convention in Baltimore that is coming up is discussed.

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